Hello cats. My name is Brent "Meowza" Kobayashi.
I'm a game artist, takoyaki lover, and owner of Meowza Games.
I am from Vancouver, Canada. Hi.

Currently working on:
Mineko's Night Market, Meowza Games' first game,
with my gooder half, Kukubee.
The game is being published by Humble Bundle.
Also doing art/animation on Alphabear 2 for Spry Fox.

Some of the neato things I worked on in the past:
Alphabear, Bushido Bear, Road Not Taken, Glitch, Loot Rascals,
Steambirds Alliance, Beartopia.

Oh yeah! I also drew Slackbot.

Thank you for peeping your peepers at some of my work.
Let's be best friends on Twitter.
Love you, friend.

- Brent K


Mineko's Night Market

(Meowza Games Inc)

A game about crafting crafts, running a market booth, eating eats, and... growing cats. Coming to PLATFORM UNKNOWN.
Design, art, animation, and programming


(Spry Fox)

Winner of the 2016 "Standout Indie" Google Play Award.
An original puzzle game in which you spell words and collect bears and spell more words with help from the bears you collect. For iOS & Android.
Art and animation

Grampy Katz in: The Big Date

(Independent project)

A silly little game about getting Grampy Katz ready for his big date. Made with @kukubee in 72 hours for Ludum Dare. For Web, PC, & Mac. Maybe expanding the game for iOS and Android???
Design, art, animation, and programming

Loot Rascals

(Hollow Ponds)

A superwacky roguelike made by some of the superfine folks behind Hohokum, with characters and animations by the superlegendary Swatpaz. On PS4™ and PC.
Environment Art and animation

Bushido Bear

(Spry Fox)

An original slice n' dice game for iOS & Android. Played by over 2 million players worldwide. Woo!
Art and animation

Steambirds Alliance

(Spry Fox)

A co-op, bullet hell MMO made by the folks who brought you the original Steambirds and Realm of the Mad God. It's like... a combination of the two. Coming to Steam... birds.
Concept Art


(Spry Fox)

MMOB. Massivley Multiplayer Online Bear-ing.
Concept Art



A game about petting, well, pets. Coming to iOS & Android.
Pet art and animation


(Independent project)

An adventurey puzzley game about making the world nice. Coming to mobile some day maybe possibly.
Design, art, and animation

Road Not Taken

(Spry Fox)

A puzzle game about life, love, loss, and goat poop. For PS4™, PC, Mac, and now iOS!
Art and animation


(Tiny Speck)

Nominated for the 2012 GDC Best Online Visual Art Award.
An absolutely preposterous browser-based MMO. Yet, some people kind of liked it.
Art Director/Senior Illustrator


Designed Slackbot and misc spot illustrations. Slack is cool.


A Twitter project to draw a whole bunch of hip cats. On Fridays.
All images are links to their twitter pages. So, give 'em a follow!

Brent Kobayashi is an artist from Van... what am I doing. Obviously I'm writing this for myself.

I am a game artist by day, and at night I am a game artist still.

I want to be a takoyaki chef some day. And listen to business people complain about their jobs while I make them takoyaki.

Until then, I will make games and art for games.

I wrote more stuff in that section at the top. So this section is sort of useless.